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Then name

Take a picture of the girl from Annex , call it'lar.Before bet that it meets all of the above steps.Clearly, highlighting voice sounds L R repeat every unfinished action to times.Then name a new complete action.Make about Lara sentences and communicate them speak.For example Lara opened opened the box and finally.revealed.Disclose, hung, stuck, considered, painted, RAS know, spread out, stirred, combed, smoothed, rastegaeva La, was unleashed.Differentiation of sounds L L P R in short rifovich Slowly say every rhythm to times.

Game develops

Baby must put before the Bunny all images with Mor kokami.Now, say, Give to eat the squirrel.Game develops memory and thinking.From two to two and a half years Gay clips Let your child play with bright plastic when kindling for linen.Show the child how to take when a chip with two fingers, to reveal and to attach to a sheet of cardboard.You can attach them to a sheet of cardboard, creating a pattern.Use all your imagination.And mA Lys let potentsiruet it's all good shines!Game develops fine motor skills.


Lunch soup vegetable vegetarian, mincemeat with stewed cabbage, compote.Dinner potatoes boiled with sour cream, tea.Sixth day Breakfast rice porridge, tea, apple.Second breakfast vinaigrette, quenelles, tea.Lunch soup pearlbarley vegetarian, stewed vegetables with mincemeat, compote.Dinner cottage cheese casserole, kissel, roll.The nonspecific hypoallergenic diet is recommended to the children suffering the allergic diseases which are not connected with food allergy; to children with manifestation of food allergy, with clinical manifestations to the obligate to allergens, to the children needing prevention of food allergy, feeding to mothers during feeding.

The Devo

To come up with a suitable name for each story.Beginning of the first story Two sisters, Nadya and Vera, very fond of fairy tales.They often IG Raleigh home in Cinderella, the Princess the pea, goldfish.The Devo check the room was small AK varium, and it sailed one Krasi Vaya brilliant fish, similar to fabulous.Like the time mom sisters gone to a neighbor, and girls, as usual, for Teale game.The eldest, Nadia, Sug lived let's do restless blue sea for Golden fish.Ve Rocca agreed, and the girls sweat mile aquarium in the bathroom.

If the child

Do it in Techa scientific research institute of three weeks, and then stop.If the child remembers that, that has to make, it involves own working memory.Perhaps, the child already has a certain skill, not a hv thaws only motivations that to use it.Let's say you are G a lava .Approach planning developed system of folders that it was easier for daughter to watch behind homeworks, but it continues to stuff works according to books and notebooks.Offer it such conditions having shown you in the evening of the folder with the performed works, it will earn points.

Spring. Consolidation

If you have

Except the described animals, it is possible to put in bank for on blyudeniye of bugs, caterpillars, little frogs.In total stomach ny which you watch, hold on a visit not pain she onetwo days the worm can be taken slightly more long.And it is better some hours.After that surely return them in the same place where caught.If you have magnifying glass, consider svo is more attentive than their guests.Count together with the child, how many at whom pads, find, where at whom eyes.If is opportunity, find in the encyclopedia or the reference book also consider the visitor's portrait in more detail, as it it is arranged.

I proizno

We make noise, stirring up boxes.Practically I lead a lesson as follows I ask the teacher to restore silence ordinary measures and then I continue its work, doing silence of deeper.I proizno shu St!St!modulations, sharp and short, lingering and silent, as whisper.Children it little by little hypnotizes.I continually say More silently, still silence!and again I publish the whistling sound, lowering a voice more and more and repeating More silently, still silence!by the fading voice.

Over time

We understand that it will be necessary for them a napomina niya.And in those exceptional cases when children remember rules, we let's surely praise them.Over time m y we will be able pos tepenno ots t ra N yatsya from the poet pny a game the troll and check, being limited to a reminder at the beginning and check at the end, to be convinced that the child made everything as it is necessary.In averages or the senior classes children can already control completely systems a shouting ganization.It does not mean that reminders will not be necessary for them any more.

At the sharp

Serious violations arise in proteinaceous and fatty exchange, work of a liver and other bodies is broken, are broken an exchange vitamins, normal composition of intestinal microflora.At the sharp diseases of the digestive system, irrespective of the reasons which caused them, medical foods are one of the main factors of treatment.In mild cases for achievement of a positive effect it is enough to organize a diet of the child to order hours of feeding, it is correct to determine food volume, to exclude from the child's diet inappropriate dishes.


Get stayed matryoshka!Game develops fine motor skills, coordination, navaelnya abilities.From half to two years Dragonfly Raise your baby and keep at arm's length.Let it will pull the handle in hand, and the legs are held together.On run him around the room let dragonfly to fly.How chatters dragonfly Tr R R, Tr R R.Kid like, and he will repeat this sound.Sometimes put it on the floor and say, Dragonfly Le Tala flew and tired, sat down to rest.Game develops the vestibular system and raises the mood.

After some

She went to work.In the garden grew carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes.Took was, Egor Vedas ro, Yes I saw the fence friends.Forgot him about my mother's request!Run out the gates and did not close.In the garden climbed neighbor's chickens, a pig Borika, bearded goat and homeless dog Buran.After some time they vitop Tali garden.The plants were eaten, the harvest is spoiled.Oh, and scold Egor mother, when I get back from work.WEED CHICKENS It turns out that a simple chicken Ryaba there are many different families OECS.


Potassium regulates a metabolism, brings liquid out of an organism.In the big quantity is in dried fruits, apricots, peaches, cherries, walnut nuts, potatoes.Calcium and phosphorus are a part of a bone tissue, teeth, blood.Calcium regulates process of a fibrillation, nervous activity.Contains in dairy products, potatoes, egg yolks.Badly it is acquired at the excess contents in food of phosphorus.Phosphorus participates in a metabolism.Contains in meat, sourmilk products and bean.Magnesium participates in a metabolism, regulates nervous activity, reduces arterial pressure, possesses laxative and zhelchegonny action.

A surface

In minutes prior to giving in weight to enter whipped whites, to put weight on a portion frying pan, oiled.A surface to level, strew with grated cheese, to sprinkle oil and to bake in a zharochny case.The chicken fried by pieces with rice and tomatoes Chicken g, a flour and fat chicken on g, butter g, pepper the sweet siliculose g, green peas g, tomato g, rice the pripushchenny g, parsley greens to taste.To roast the prepared chicken in a stewpan with fat to readiness.Then chicken to take out, merge fat from a stewpan, to put friable rice porridge, the scalded small cut sweet siliculose pepper, green peas.

If a little, the signature

On each turn place according to one picture, if to the child one three years, or on twofour if it is more senior.If you place one picture, substitute the signature on the second svo bodny page.If a little, the signature under each picture.Do not do to the signature too small height not less than cm and too big it is not higher than , cm, differently they will be difficult to be read.Looking through albums, distinctly read the word written under porridges that picture can on warehouses, showing them, at times all word.Pos le of reading of the word do not hurry to turn the page, tell the kid something about the image, literally in twothree offers, that not on to skuchit to the child waiting when the following page opens.

Children very

Children very much are proud of that are able to see without eyes, stretch the hands and shout Here my eyes, I can see hands, it is not necessary for me an eye!.And I often answer their joyful shouts Well!Let's pull out them!On what they to us?.The right, our babies, going ways, which we laid, every day plunge us into amazement by the unforeseen progress.And often, a kosha they roughly rejoice to any new victory, we with the deepest admiration we observe them Education of feelings of taste and sense of smell Education of feelings of taste and sense of smell a thing very difficult, and I cannot brag yet little satisfactory results.

If such symptoms

Only timely specialized care can prevent the sad outcome.Contraindicated in the vaccine that caused severe reaction or complication.Immediate anaphylactic reaction caused by the introduction of DTP, DT, The BPA M, GKV, an absolute contraindication to subsequent introduction these vaccines.If such symptoms occur after the introduction of DTP, for completion of the course appointed DT M toxoid.If after vaccination arise General lihoradit major convulsions, from further vaccination, as a rule, you should not abstain.In these cases, after a vaccination for the prevention of recurrence of seizures prescribed antipyretics and means blocking convulsions.

Each of practice

It is possible because at buyers is insufficiently developed a way nost of independent judgment.They are not able to distinguish by means of the feelings of a difference in quality of products.It is possible even to tell that theoretical knowledge in very many cases it is useless in the absence of practice, and practice almost always is anything other, as education feelings.Each of practice of the life knows how it is necessary to be able to define with an accuracy difference between incentives.Very often education of feelings is very difficult to the adult.

It there can be animals

Think up a plot, being guided by interests of your child.It there can be animals at whom balloons, and those departed per they should be connected to bind threads.And threads you too draw, but it is not bright, for example in the light gray color, that it was visible to the kid where to draw.It is possible to connect beads one for another, cars in the train the friend with the friend, camels in a caravan and so on.It is possible to dorisovyvat having broken esya steps of a short flight of stairs, small stalks to florets.It is possible to draw a rain, a cat the ry flows from a cloudlet that these florets grew.

But it is a prejudice, long

I know, what objection will be made first of all to me by people, the disciplines which got used to old receptions at these schools children at any movement will be to overturn tables and chairs, to make noise and a disorder.But it is a prejudice, long since taken roots in minds of those who is engaged with small children, and it actually not has under itself any bases.Throughout a number of centuries svivalnik were considered need for the newborn baby, and a hodulka for the child starting going.

The development

Tape Swan the left.People love Buttercup.Elevator the gillyflowers molding.Consolidation pronunciation audio L in the middle of words.The development of auditory memory Ask an adult to explain unfamiliar words.Clearly repeat every words highlighting voice sound EH.Name words from memory.Olya Galya Valya.Left log knee.Roofing Kolya Alik.Seal deer cart.Nalim valley Kalina.Diaper far moth.

Are resolved

Are resolved and recommended lowfat meat and fish broths; the wiped crushed vegetables soups; dishes on broths and vegetable broths; milk soups; boiled beef, veal, a turkey, chicken or steam cutlets from them; fish boiled; softboiled eggs, the omelet baked; milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, kefir, cottage cheese dishes; milk liquid and semifluid porridges; casseroles and puddings from pasta; vegetables boiled, stewed, baked, mashed potatoes and puddings from them; the tomatoes, cucumbers cleared of a thin skin; fruit and berries of sweet grades; juice fruit and berry, kissels, compotes, jelly; tea with milk, cream, coffee, cocoa, dogrose broth.

Work with

Development of this skill demands time, but it is important for the child, and not only at school.Accustoming children to carry out daily for Denmark, corresponding to their age, you lay the good foundation for independent study.Work with this skill since doshkol the foot of age helps to show to children that sometimes it is necessary to postpone affairs, in which they want to be engaged, and to make that is necessary even if it is not so interesting.Sometimes even it is required to offer the interesting occupations for the sake of what that important.

Canned meat

In months quenelles in the same volume, by a year are given steam cutlets.It is recommended to use canned meat industrial production, let out in glasswares.Canned meat can be divided on purely meat and meat and cereal.Canned meat with various extent of crushing is issued homogenized since months, pyureobrazny since months and krupnoizmelchenny since months.Two last look differs from the homogenized canned food not only extent of crushing, but also existence in them spices, and also possible replacement of water by meat broth.

We are blowing

The beginning and continuation of the tale see S., , , .Not with the regulation organs of articulation the pronunciation of sound R Sauce how to properly pronounce the sound R.Mouth wide open.Teeth at a great distance.The language is broad, tip's coming up and rests in lumps behind the upper teeth.The neck is buzzing.We are blowing and Gudim in the tip of the tongue, he trembles.R STEP THREE SYLLABIC EXERCISES We remind adults that cause individual sound, and control PRA willnot his pronunciation in isolated form this is the most difficult to be perceived embracing position should a specialist speech therapist.


For example Boris climbed narabine and tore the pants.Irina sunbathed on the river Bank.Securing the pronunciation of sound R proposals, compiled by subject pictures and words characteristics Tell all the items in the pictures.Listen to every word sign and pick up to it one or more topics within the meaning of images.Then make and progressive ri proposals, highlighting the R sound.BITTER RUBBER BROWN WOODEN CARVED WOODEN RECTANGULAR Make sure that depending on the kind and number of the noun child IU adopted the end of the words of indication bitter nuts, dark walnut, bitter Rowan; brown gingerbread, brown nuts, brown coach.

Mother will

Mother will help when developing the plan and will control its performance on remembrances, support What concrete skills will be received by the child who will train him how?Skill to teach to break the longterm project into the stages attached to an opreda to lenny terms Who will train in skill?Mother How?To make the list of stages of implementation of the project To estimate complexity of each stage on a scale from to To reconsider steps, which complexity, according to Max, higher than , that upro to stit them To establish delivery terms for each stage To remind Max of end of each stage What encouragement will be applied as incentive to use from rabotka of skill?


Lena skirt.Lyuba berries.Loren iodine.Leva's Mike.From Luda yacht.Yana limo above.Yana lemon.Yana lion.Yana lake.Yana buttercups.Differentiation of sounds of L TH in one word suggestions Clearly speak proposals.Watch the pronunciation of sounds EH and Th.Yuliya and Ilya walking in the meadow.Ilya line, Yulia glue.Ilya and Julia walk on the alley.Julia pours water from a watering can.Ilya poured glue into the jar.

You killed

You are, indeed, very beautiful!exclaimed icicle.However happening to me something strange, I feel so hot and it seems I am losing shape.Yes, said ray, you are done.You killed me!cried the little piece of ice.No, said Ray, I make you drop.I get water?But now we can be together!And to play together.When the sun starts stronger, you will become vapour.Oh, Oh Oh, he cried icicle.Then rain down upon the earth, said Ray, then again will rise together with other droplets in the sky.

Bathed Zhenya, Zhenya

Hedgehog under the tree house, toad in the pond.Spruce on the hedgehog similar, hedgehog in the needles, tree too.Buzzing at a fly, doughlas to spider.Creepy beetle to live on a bitch.Scared of a bear hedgehog with a woman and hedge kid.Bear plush could not eat and no candy, no chocolate nothing he does not need.A day in a corner of the sitting, he has a stomach ache.Bathed Zhenya, Zhenya was sorry, became legibly little Zhenya.Bee hummed, exposed sting, saw the bumblebee and curled her tail.

Noting that

If the chest during a synthetic breathing doesn't come in motion , then respiratory tract impassable .You will need need to assist in accordance with Ying the construction described in section INORD Noah body airway.Noting that the chest rises during artificial respiration , prikazni TES two fingers to the Adam's Apple .Perret Mestia fingers into the groove between Adam Apple and muscle on the side of the neck .For seconds attempt to grope pulse.If the pulse is, continue artificial breathing, producing one who blowing the spirit of every four seconds .

And if the infectionist

And if the infectionist will not be able to choose for your child the right tactics vaccination may ask increase direction for consultation of the immunologist or allergist in Advisory the center, located at the base of the Republican scientific practical center Mother and childAND SOCHETANIE INTERCHANGEABILITY OF VACCINES Simultaneous vaccination Simultaneous introduction of several vaccines in most cases is without safe and effective.Currently not aware of any contraindications for simultaneous introduction of several vaccines to newborns and children.

To fill

To wash out, fill in rice with hot water, to salt and cook to readiness.Onions napiform to chop and brown on the warmed oil to softness.Meat to pass via the meat grinder and to warm up on a frying pan with onions of minutes; to add to ready rice and to mix.Buckwheat cereal with meat Boiled beef g, onion piece, butter St.spoon, buckwheat glasses, salt to taste.To fill in buckwheat with boiled water, to salt and cook to readiness on the weak fire.Onions to chop and extinguish on oil of minutes.


Take images boy and girl from Annex .Give them names with the sounds of L and R Lara, Laura, Mila, Roma, Artem, Angela, Zahar, George, Alla.Additional every phrase to a sentence and speak it.Check the meanings of unknown words.For example Lara started, when the sky was a flash of lightning and thundering about heard the thunder.Lightning flashed.Won the lottery.Broke the mirror.Loud usher.Talkative controller.Lara have marmalade.Clumsy juggler.


This is attributed to applied by the fact that in comparison, there associative data communication between facts, phenomena, concepts.Compared tion is not only a means of cognition, but also as media STV mental development.Develops the ability to not only us travlemate the similarities and differences, but also to find out their reasons us.CM.Bondarenko noted that the willingness and ability to establish analogies can be considered as one of the characteristics skills actively and creatively apply their knowledge.

Verses you can come

Children in the bus jump and skip otprygivat.Verses you can come up with as many as you want!The game develops memory, imagination and lifts the mood.Povtorjalka Say what ever the phrase, repeating the past the word three times, but the accent is done on the ground.Let the kid repeats for you.Want PAP, PAP, PAP?Give me the ball, ball, ball!Like a bear, a bear, a bear?Maybe the kid will be able to come up with their stico creation?Ask him let him try!

In game the child

As a rule, such study comes to an end on reception at nevro pathologist.Where golden mean?How to develop the native child and not to do much harm to it?Game!Here that will rescue both mother, and the child!After all child preschool and younger school age above all likes to play and it is ready it to do days without a break.In game the child learns to communicate with the world, on chinat better to understand it, it as if does investigation to the big world.In game the different parties of the identity of the kid, a skl are shown and develop character dyvatsya.

Very rarely

Sometimes young children may be more frequent stools without violations the General condition.Very rarely there is a complication in the form of convulsive or al lergicheskie reactions.In the production of vaccines, antibiotics are used, so when instill Kah children with Allergy or specific antibiotics should observe the necessary precautions.Immunoprophylaxis pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus Immunoprophylaxis pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus the first time held in months of age, in parallel with the polio vaccine.Pertussis dangerous infectious disease of the respiratory tract.

A. S. Pushkin

When an hour

When an hour later, the Pope recalled about ice cream, its not in the pocket turned out to be.Where did it go?.Why piece of iron sinks in water, and iron ship sails?.For the winter hare changes his coat with grey on white.Why?.Why in winter the ice on the river motionless, and in the spring the ice does not stand on the spot?.Why heavy aircraft can be lifted up into the air?.The coat is warm person?

Tomato to obdat

Salad summer Cucumber fresh piece, tomato piece, sour cream tablespoon, greens, salt to taste.To wash vegetables, to clear a cucumber of a thin skin and to slice.Tomato to obdat boiled water.To husk and cut segments, to mix with a cucumber, to salt, add sour cream and the cut greens and to mix.Salad from a cauliflower Cauliflower heads of cabbage, kefir glasses, tomato piece, salt, sugar to taste.Cabbage to wash out, lower in the boiling added some salt water and to weld to readiness.

The child

They wanted that the sister heard that all comes to an end well.The child I could not always consult with the emotions, and I was calmed by stories how mother solved similar problems when was small a vochka.Think of systematic approach to simultaneous work over the weak organizational skills and same problems of your child.Here steps which should be undertaken in this direction Genzel and Gretel the fairy tale of brothers Grimm about the brother and the sister who, having got to the wood, appear in hands at the witch.

That's great, with

Then I asked her to pick a favorite day of the week and walk in this day with wet pants, nothing to worry.Kind of puzzled humming the expression on her face was quickly replaced broad smile.I like most of Tuesday and Wednesday, ready replied the girl.That's great, with a smile approved I the choice.I wish you successful on Tuesday and Wednesday, swim in wet pants at his pleasure.Next week, Sarah told me that successfully implement Nile my wish, and all of Tuesday and Wednesday panties she's not you was sihali.We again talked about her favorite things, and then I proposed she lived her to choose favorite time of day for their wet treatments.

After a short

After a short pause the son said, If I Kolobok, then who is he?The next night the teacher told me that the son all day called her aunt Vitalik and happily laughed.She had to explain such a strange behavior of the son.The daughter of a particularly strong impression produced tales Oh baby Lila, which was able to travel within their own tion's body, acquainted with him, studied him to love and care about it.It is possible that the choice of the future profession of a doctor is the result of these fairy tales.

To press

To knead it within minutes, sometimes add soda or razmyagchitel.Puff creamy pastry To add vinegar, salt, a yolk to water, ?torments.To knead dough until it departs from ware walls.To cool.In the middle of dough to put cold butter, previously mixed with other flour to cover it with edges of dough.To press and roll in layer cm thick.To zashchipnut edges an envelope, then to put in half and to cool within minutes, again to roll dough, also to put and cool.

To soak beef

The garnish fried potatoes, moves in to separate ware.Kidneys beef in Russian Kidneys g, butter g, carrots g, parsley g, onions g, a cucumber g, garlic g, sauce g, potatoes g, laurel leaf, bell pepper to taste.To soak beef kidneys hours, to put them in ware for cooking, to fill in cold water at the rate of to cook at weak boiling, periodically removing foam and fat from a broth surface.To take out the kidneys welded to softness from broth to put in ware with cold water and to wash out.Broth, in which kidneys cooked, to filter.

The child

A characteristic feature of acute pneumonia is discoloration of the skin of the child .She becomes pale , and the area around the mouth and nose so nazyvaemye nasolabial triangle becomes gray.The symptoms described troubled child the first to days of the disease.Cough quickens , becomes loud and painful, there is shortness of breath with by drawing chest , inflation the wings of the nose.The child refuses to eat and drink , losing weight, his skin becomes dry , easy going in folds, quickly loses its elasticity.When urgent help If the temperature rises to C and it is difficult strays.

Oak tree

And in this alley, says Lisa, is different branches of trees were intertwined with each other and formed a beautiful delicate arch!Please note, the kids on that old oak tree on the hill!Even if he is clumsy, says Kirill, but look, this Kim, a strongman.Oak tree Regal!See, growths on its trunk formed head of an eagle with its opened beak!See!screams Kirill.And I, rejoices Lisa, too!Tell me, grandma, why do you immediately notice, and we are not?Concentrate on the wonders and beauty.

Features of feeding

If it is impossible completely, then partially.At the mixed feeding continue to give to children those mixes, to which they got used.Be careful in purpose of new products, especially juice and vegetables.Features of feeding of babies in to modern situation will be noted further.All appointments of the doctor have to consider features of this patient.At one children others can have the main center of defeat in intestines in bilious bubble.One have normal, others lowered, and the third raised acidity in a stomach.


But remembering clearly to pronounce the sound S.Consolidation pronunciation With sound in words.Development logical thinking and the formation of skills audio analysis Tell all the objects within.Among each group of images select one, in the name of which no sound S.Explain that combines images in the common frame animals, furniture, products.List all the words with sound S.Can, a dog, a Fox, Rhino, boar, squirrel.Chair, table, bench, chair, sofa.

Fish cutlets

Fillet to wash up, cut slices of the average size, to salt and lay out on frying pan.Onions to clear, cut half rings and to obdat boiled water.To lay it from above fishes to fill in with the sour cream mixed with warm water and to extinguish under a cover to readiness.To fill with butter.Fish cutlets with potatoes Fillet fish g, potatoes piece, crackers ground tablespoon, oil the creamy h.a spoon, egg piece, milk glasses, a flour tablespoon, salt to taste.Potatoes to clear, boil to readiness and to pass via the meat grinder together with fish fillet.

Even more

Even if full freedom of individual actions would be imaginable at the higher schools steps a question, whether it is desirable?In life, under the influence of social requirements, to us after all it is necessary to refuse many tasks.Even more this question with the very young becomes complicated children.What sort we would like to set work to the child?If at our schools children see off only in the afternoon, whether the child will manage to make all work without group training in the put hours?

A Thickness

This set becomes from firm firtree, is polished and becomes covered by a varnish..Big whetstones of gradually changing sizes.This set includes four systems, and it would be desirable to get in each kindergarten on two copies of each series.a Thickness subjects thick and thin.We have ten tetrahedral prisms, from which the biggest has ten centimeters in the basis, and the basis of others decreases gradually on one centimeter.These prisms have the identical length cm and are painted in the darkly brown color.

In ready

spoons, salt to taste.Pumpkin to wash, clear of a peel and seeds, to cut in cubes, to fill in with boiled water, to add sugar syrup and to extinguish in the closed ware hours.After that to pour semolina, millet, rice, to pour hot milk and to continue to extinguish minutes.In ready pumpkin to pour in salt solution, to add butter and to warm up before boiling.Pumpkin casserole Pumpkin g, semolina tablespoons, butter h.spoon, milk glasses, sour cream tablespoon, egg pieces, sugar syrup h.

A few days

It formed precipitation , that is, PU syrki, or, as they are called vesicles.A few days after the appearance of the bubble key crack, on the rise of small Kie sores, which are then covered Korach coy.Bubbles do not comb , as may occur secondary infection, and togda PART I.CHILDHOOD DISEASES the contents of vesicles becomes known .You Spania varicella are not one temporarily, and at intervals of to days.day the temperature usually drops.If the organism is weakened , such vesicles there can be formed on internal organs liver, kidney, lung, pancreas.


For baby

In food of children most often apply beef, veal, lowfat pork, meat of hens, rabbit, and also some offal liver, language, heart, brains, kidneys.For baby food fat grades of beef are not recommended, pork, mutton, and also meat of a goose, duck.Most often in food of children use beef, however biological value other grades of meat can be identical with beef and even to exceed it.For example, pork contains by , times it is more than irreplaceable polynonsaturated fatty acids and in times more vitamin B.Chicken meat contains necessary set of mineral substances and vitamins, fuller and it is better usvoyaemy proteins, than beef meat.


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