A few days

A few days It formed precipitation , that is, PU syrki, or, as they are called vesicles.

A few days after the appearance of the bubble key crack, on the rise of small Kie sores, which are then covered Korach coy.

Bubbles do not comb , as may occur secondary infection, and togda PART I.

CHILDHOOD DISEASES the contents of vesicles becomes known .

You Spania varicella are not one temporarily, and at intervals of to days.

day the temperature usually drops.

If the organism is weakened , such vesicles there can be formed on internal organs liver, kidney, lung, pancreas.

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PART II. We LAY the STRONG Also existence is useful accurate rules, and also a reminder on them prior to an event.


We LAY the STRONG FOUNDATION They can be such play only with one toy, do everything in turn also do not fight.

Reminding the child and his friends of these rules prior to game, you place them in working memory.

Then children with bigger probability will be able to observe them.

Change the social environment.

Though life and work with the different people an important lesson for the child, sometimes it is useful for parents to take the responsibility and to change social dynamics.

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For baby

For baby In food of children most often apply beef, veal, lowfat pork, meat of hens, rabbit, and also some offal liver, language, heart, brains, kidneys.

For baby food fat grades of beef are not recommended, pork, mutton, and also meat of a goose, duck.

Most often in food of children use beef, however biological value other grades of meat can be identical with beef and even to exceed it.

For example, pork contains by , times it is more than irreplaceable polynonsaturated fatty acids and in times more vitamin B.

Chicken meat contains necessary set of mineral substances and vitamins, fuller and it is better usvoyaemy proteins, than beef meat.

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