That's great, with

That's great, with Then I asked her to pick a favorite day of the week and walk in this day with wet pants, nothing to worry.

Kind of puzzled humming the expression on her face was quickly replaced broad smile.

I like most of Tuesday and Wednesday, ready replied the girl.

That's great, with a smile approved I the choice.

I wish you successful on Tuesday and Wednesday, swim in wet pants at his pleasure.

Next week, Sarah told me that successfully implement Nile my wish, and all of Tuesday and Wednesday panties she's not you was sihali.

We again talked about her favorite things, and then I proposed she lived her to choose favorite time of day for their wet treatments.

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After a short

After a short After a short pause the son said, If I Kolobok, then who is he?

The next night the teacher told me that the son all day called her aunt Vitalik and happily laughed.

She had to explain such a strange behavior of the son.

The daughter of a particularly strong impression produced tales Oh baby Lila, which was able to travel within their own tion's body, acquainted with him, studied him to love and care about it.

It is possible that the choice of the future profession of a doctor is the result of these fairy tales.

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To press

To press To knead it within minutes, sometimes add soda or razmyagchitel.

Puff creamy pastry To add vinegar, salt, a yolk to water, ?


To knead dough until it departs from ware walls.

To cool.

In the middle of dough to put cold butter, previously mixed with other flour to cover it with edges of dough.

To press and roll in layer cm thick.

To zashchipnut edges an envelope, then to put in half and to cool within minutes, again to roll dough, also to put and cool.

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To soak beef

To soak beef The garnish fried potatoes, moves in to separate ware.

Kidneys beef in Russian Kidneys g, butter g, carrots g, parsley g, onions g, a cucumber g, garlic g, sauce g, potatoes g, laurel leaf, bell pepper to taste.

To soak beef kidneys hours, to put them in ware for cooking, to fill in cold water at the rate of to cook at weak boiling, periodically removing foam and fat from a broth surface.

To take out the kidneys welded to softness from broth to put in ware with cold water and to wash out.

Broth, in which kidneys cooked, to filter.

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The child

The child A characteristic feature of acute pneumonia is discoloration of the skin of the child .

She becomes pale , and the area around the mouth and nose so nazyvaemye nasolabial triangle becomes gray.

The symptoms described troubled child the first to days of the disease.

Cough quickens , becomes loud and painful, there is shortness of breath with by drawing chest , inflation the wings of the nose.

The child refuses to eat and drink , losing weight, his skin becomes dry , easy going in folds, quickly loses its elasticity.

When urgent help If the temperature rises to C and it is difficult strays.

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Oak tree

Oak tree And in this alley, says Lisa, is different branches of trees were intertwined with each other and formed a beautiful delicate arch!

Please note, the kids on that old oak tree on the hill!

Even if he is clumsy, says Kirill, but look, this Kim, a strongman.

Oak tree Regal!

See, growths on its trunk formed head of an eagle with its opened beak!


screams Kirill.

And I, rejoices Lisa, too!

Tell me, grandma, why do you immediately notice, and we are not?

Concentrate on the wonders and beauty.

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