In game the child

In game the child As a rule, such study comes to an end on reception at nevro pathologist.

Where golden mean?

How to develop the native child and not to do much harm to it?


Here that will rescue both mother, and the child!

After all child preschool and younger school age above all likes to play and it is ready it to do days without a break.

In game the child learns to communicate with the world, on chinat better to understand it, it as if does investigation to the big world.

In game the different parties of the identity of the kid, a skl are shown and develop character dyvatsya.

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Very rarely

Very rarely Sometimes young children may be more frequent stools without violations the General condition.

Very rarely there is a complication in the form of convulsive or al lergicheskie reactions.

In the production of vaccines, antibiotics are used, so when instill Kah children with Allergy or specific antibiotics should observe the necessary precautions.

Immunoprophylaxis pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus Immunoprophylaxis pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus the first time held in months of age, in parallel with the polio vaccine.

Pertussis dangerous infectious disease of the respiratory tract.

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A. S. Pushkin

A. S. Pushkin And we are glad mischief mother winter.



Pushkin WINTER Under the blue skies Magnificent carpets Shining in the sun, the snow, Transparent forest one is black, And spruce through the frost is so green, And a river beneath the ice sparkles.

, Gusev SNOWFALL Little Christmas tree And large spruce Something went silent, What he lay still.

Snow from morning to night, Everyone wants to fall asleep And in the forest are quieter And the snow all the above.

Christmas trees girlfriend They say to each other Too much snow Hard top.

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When an hour

When an hour When an hour later, the Pope recalled about ice cream, its not in the pocket turned out to be.

Where did it go?


Why piece of iron sinks in water, and iron ship sails?


For the winter hare changes his coat with grey on white.



Why in winter the ice on the river motionless, and in the spring the ice does not stand on the spot?


Why heavy aircraft can be lifted up into the air?


The coat is warm person?

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Tomato to obdat

Tomato to obdat Salad summer Cucumber fresh piece, tomato piece, sour cream tablespoon, greens, salt to taste.

To wash vegetables, to clear a cucumber of a thin skin and to slice.

Tomato to obdat boiled water.

To husk and cut segments, to mix with a cucumber, to salt, add sour cream and the cut greens and to mix.

Salad from a cauliflower Cauliflower heads of cabbage, kefir glasses, tomato piece, salt, sugar to taste.

Cabbage to wash out, lower in the boiling added some salt water and to weld to readiness.

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The child

The child They wanted that the sister heard that all comes to an end well.

The child I could not always consult with the emotions, and I was calmed by stories how mother solved similar problems when was small a vochka.

Think of systematic approach to simultaneous work over the weak organizational skills and same problems of your child.

Here steps which should be undertaken in this direction Genzel and Gretel the fairy tale of brothers Grimm about the brother and the sister who, having got to the wood, appear in hands at the witch.

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