It there can be animals

It there can be animals Think up a plot, being guided by interests of your child.

It there can be animals at whom balloons, and those departed per they should be connected to bind threads.

And threads you too draw, but it is not bright, for example in the light gray color, that it was visible to the kid where to draw.

It is possible to connect beads one for another, cars in the train the friend with the friend, camels in a caravan and so on.

It is possible to dorisovyvat having broken esya steps of a short flight of stairs, small stalks to florets.

It is possible to draw a rain, a cat the ry flows from a cloudlet that these florets grew.

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But it is a prejudice, long

But it is a prejudice, long I know, what objection will be made first of all to me by people, the disciplines which got used to old receptions at these schools children at any movement will be to overturn tables and chairs, to make noise and a disorder.

But it is a prejudice, long since taken roots in minds of those who is engaged with small children, and it actually not has under itself any bases.

Throughout a number of centuries svivalnik were considered need for the newborn baby, and a hodulka for the child starting going.

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The development

The development Tape Swan the left.

People love Buttercup.

Elevator the gillyflowers molding.

Consolidation pronunciation audio L in the middle of words.

The development of auditory memory Ask an adult to explain unfamiliar words.

Clearly repeat every words highlighting voice sound EH.

Name words from memory.

Olya Galya Valya.

Left log knee.

Roofing Kolya Alik.

Seal deer cart.

Nalim valley Kalina.

Diaper far moth.

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Are resolved

Are resolved Are resolved and recommended lowfat meat and fish broths; the wiped crushed vegetables soups; dishes on broths and vegetable broths; milk soups; boiled beef, veal, a turkey, chicken or steam cutlets from them; fish boiled; softboiled eggs, the omelet baked; milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, kefir, cottage cheese dishes; milk liquid and semifluid porridges; casseroles and puddings from pasta; vegetables boiled, stewed, baked, mashed potatoes and puddings from them; the tomatoes, cucumbers cleared of a thin skin; fruit and berries of sweet grades; juice fruit and berry, kissels, compotes, jelly; tea with milk, cream, coffee, cocoa, dogrose broth.

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Work with

Work with Development of this skill demands time, but it is important for the child, and not only at school.

Accustoming children to carry out daily for Denmark, corresponding to their age, you lay the good foundation for independent study.

Work with this skill since doshkol the foot of age helps to show to children that sometimes it is necessary to postpone affairs, in which they want to be engaged, and to make that is necessary even if it is not so interesting.

Sometimes even it is required to offer the interesting occupations for the sake of what that important.

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Canned meat

Canned meat In months quenelles in the same volume, by a year are given steam cutlets.

It is recommended to use canned meat industrial production, let out in glasswares.

Canned meat can be divided on purely meat and meat and cereal.

Canned meat with various extent of crushing is issued homogenized since months, pyureobrazny since months and krupnoizmelchenny since months.

Two last look differs from the homogenized canned food not only extent of crushing, but also existence in them spices, and also possible replacement of water by meat broth.

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