Calcium Potassium regulates a metabolism, brings liquid out of an organism.

In the big quantity is in dried fruits, apricots, peaches, cherries, walnut nuts, potatoes.

Calcium and phosphorus are a part of a bone tissue, teeth, blood.

Calcium regulates process of a fibrillation, nervous activity.

Contains in dairy products, potatoes, egg yolks.

Badly it is acquired at the excess contents in food of phosphorus.

Phosphorus participates in a metabolism.

Contains in meat, sourmilk products and bean.

Magnesium participates in a metabolism, regulates nervous activity, reduces arterial pressure, possesses laxative and zhelchegonny action.

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A surface

A surface In minutes prior to giving in weight to enter whipped whites, to put weight on a portion frying pan, oiled.

A surface to level, strew with grated cheese, to sprinkle oil and to bake in a zharochny case.

The chicken fried by pieces with rice and tomatoes Chicken g, a flour and fat chicken on g, butter g, pepper the sweet siliculose g, green peas g, tomato g, rice the pripushchenny g, parsley greens to taste.

To roast the prepared chicken in a stewpan with fat to readiness.

Then chicken to take out, merge fat from a stewpan, to put friable rice porridge, the scalded small cut sweet siliculose pepper, green peas.

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If a little, the signature

If a little, the signature On each turn place according to one picture, if to the child one three years, or on twofour if it is more senior.

If you place one picture, substitute the signature on the second svo bodny page.

If a little, the signature under each picture.

Do not do to the signature too small height not less than cm and too big it is not higher than , cm, differently they will be difficult to be read.

Looking through albums, distinctly read the word written under porridges that picture can on warehouses, showing them, at times all word.

Pos le of reading of the word do not hurry to turn the page, tell the kid something about the image, literally in twothree offers, that not on to skuchit to the child waiting when the following page opens.

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Children very

Children very Children very much are proud of that are able to see without eyes, stretch the hands and shout Here my eyes, I can see hands, it is not necessary for me an eye!


And I often answer their joyful shouts Well!

Let's pull out them!

On what they to us?


The right, our babies, going ways, which we laid, every day plunge us into amazement by the unforeseen progress.

And often, a kosha they roughly rejoice to any new victory, we with the deepest admiration we observe them Education of feelings of taste and sense of smell Education of feelings of taste and sense of smell a thing very difficult, and I cannot brag yet little satisfactory results.

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If such symptoms

If such symptoms Only timely specialized care can prevent the sad outcome.

Contraindicated in the vaccine that caused severe reaction or complication.

Immediate anaphylactic reaction caused by the introduction of DTP, DT, The BPA M, GKV, an absolute contraindication to subsequent introduction these vaccines.

If such symptoms occur after the introduction of DTP, for completion of the course appointed DT M toxoid.

If after vaccination arise General lihoradit major convulsions, from further vaccination, as a rule, you should not abstain.

In these cases, after a vaccination for the prevention of recurrence of seizures prescribed antipyretics and means blocking convulsions.

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Each of practice

Each of practice It is possible because at buyers is insufficiently developed a way nost of independent judgment.

They are not able to distinguish by means of the feelings of a difference in quality of products.

It is possible even to tell that theoretical knowledge in very many cases it is useless in the absence of practice, and practice almost always is anything other, as education feelings.

Each of practice of the life knows how it is necessary to be able to define with an accuracy difference between incentives.

Very often education of feelings is very difficult to the adult.

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