If you have

If you have Except the described animals, it is possible to put in bank for on blyudeniye of bugs, caterpillars, little frogs.

In total stomach ny which you watch, hold on a visit not pain she onetwo days the worm can be taken slightly more long.

And it is better some hours.

After that surely return them in the same place where caught.

If you have magnifying glass, consider svo is more attentive than their guests.

Count together with the child, how many at whom pads, find, where at whom eyes.

If is opportunity, find in the encyclopedia or the reference book also consider the visitor's portrait in more detail, as it it is arranged.

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I proizno

I proizno We make noise, stirring up boxes.

Practically I lead a lesson as follows I ask the teacher to restore silence ordinary measures and then I continue its work, doing silence of deeper.

I proizno shu St!


modulations, sharp and short, lingering and silent, as whisper.

Children it little by little hypnotizes.

I continually say More silently, still silence!

and again I publish the whistling sound, lowering a voice more and more and repeating More silently, still silence!

by the fading voice.

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Over time

Over time We understand that it will be necessary for them a napomina niya.

And in those exceptional cases when children remember rules, we let's surely praise them.

Over time m y we will be able pos tepenno ots t ra N yatsya from the poet pny a game the troll and check, being limited to a reminder at the beginning and check at the end, to be convinced that the child made everything as it is necessary.

In averages or the senior classes children can already control completely systems a shouting ganization.

It does not mean that reminders will not be necessary for them any more.

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At the sharp

At the sharp Serious violations arise in proteinaceous and fatty exchange, work of a liver and other bodies is broken, are broken an exchange vitamins, normal composition of intestinal microflora.

At the sharp diseases of the digestive system, irrespective of the reasons which caused them, medical foods are one of the main factors of treatment.

In mild cases for achievement of a positive effect it is enough to organize a diet of the child to order hours of feeding, it is correct to determine food volume, to exclude from the child's diet inappropriate dishes.

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Sometimes Get stayed matryoshka!

Game develops fine motor skills, coordination, navaelnya abilities.

From half to two years Dragonfly Raise your baby and keep at arm's length.

Let it will pull the handle in hand, and the legs are held together.

On run him around the room let dragonfly to fly.

How chatters dragonfly Tr R R, Tr R R.

Kid like, and he will repeat this sound.

Sometimes put it on the floor and say, Dragonfly Le Tala flew and tired, sat down to rest.

Game develops the vestibular system and raises the mood.

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After some

After some She went to work.

In the garden grew carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes.

Took was, Egor Vedas ro, Yes I saw the fence friends.

Forgot him about my mother's request!

Run out the gates and did not close.

In the garden climbed neighbor's chickens, a pig Borika, bearded goat and homeless dog Buran.

After some time they vitop Tali garden.

The plants were eaten, the harvest is spoiled.

Oh, and scold Egor mother, when I get back from work.

WEED CHICKENS It turns out that a simple chicken Ryaba there are many different families OECS.

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