Then name

Then name Take a picture of the girl from Annex , call it'lar.

Before bet that it meets all of the above steps.

Clearly, highlighting voice sounds L R repeat every unfinished action to times.

Then name a new complete action.

Make about Lara sentences and communicate them speak.

For example Lara opened opened the box and finally.


Disclose, hung, stuck, considered, painted, RAS know, spread out, stirred, combed, smoothed, rastegaeva La, was unleashed.

Differentiation of sounds L L P R in short rifovich Slowly say every rhythm to times.

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Game develops

Game develops Baby must put before the Bunny all images with Mor kokami.

Now, say, Give to eat the squirrel.

Game develops memory and thinking.

From two to two and a half years Gay clips Let your child play with bright plastic when kindling for linen.

Show the child how to take when a chip with two fingers, to reveal and to attach to a sheet of cardboard.

You can attach them to a sheet of cardboard, creating a pattern.

Use all your imagination.

And mA Lys let potentsiruet it's all good shines!

Game develops fine motor skills.

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Second Lunch soup vegetable vegetarian, mincemeat with stewed cabbage, compote.

Dinner potatoes boiled with sour cream, tea.

Sixth day Breakfast rice porridge, tea, apple.

Second breakfast vinaigrette, quenelles, tea.

Lunch soup pearlbarley vegetarian, stewed vegetables with mincemeat, compote.

Dinner cottage cheese casserole, kissel, roll.

The nonspecific hypoallergenic diet is recommended to the children suffering the allergic diseases which are not connected with food allergy; to children with manifestation of food allergy, with clinical manifestations to the obligate to allergens, to the children needing prevention of food allergy, feeding to mothers during feeding.

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The Devo

The Devo To come up with a suitable name for each story.

Beginning of the first story Two sisters, Nadya and Vera, very fond of fairy tales.

They often IG Raleigh home in Cinderella, the Princess the pea, goldfish.

The Devo check the room was small AK varium, and it sailed one Krasi Vaya brilliant fish, similar to fabulous.

Like the time mom sisters gone to a neighbor, and girls, as usual, for Teale game.

The eldest, Nadia, Sug lived let's do restless blue sea for Golden fish.

Ve Rocca agreed, and the girls sweat mile aquarium in the bathroom.

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If the child

If the child Do it in Techa scientific research institute of three weeks, and then stop.

If the child remembers that, that has to make, it involves own working memory.

Perhaps, the child already has a certain skill, not a hv thaws only motivations that to use it.

Let's say you are G a lava .

Approach planning developed system of folders that it was easier for daughter to watch behind homeworks, but it continues to stuff works according to books and notebooks.

Offer it such conditions having shown you in the evening of the folder with the performed works, it will earn points.

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Spring. Consolidation

Spring. Consolidation scales.

A hundred and a hundred and a hundred, sleeping dog.


Juice juice juice, cake delicious.


SOS SOS SOS, dust got into.

vacuum cleaner.

Sleep sleep sleep, for winter is coming.


Consolidation pronunciation With sound in the stories chistogovorki, free Sizzling sounds and sound R Clearly, highlighting the sound To pronounce each story in chistogovorki to times.

Then repeat chistogovorki roles adult start Sa sa sa, and you the end on the table sitting OCA.

WASP Sa sa sa, on the table sits a wasp.

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