Noting that

Noting that If the chest during a synthetic breathing doesn't come in motion , then respiratory tract impassable .

You will need need to assist in accordance with Ying the construction described in section INORD Noah body airway.

Noting that the chest rises during artificial respiration , prikazni TES two fingers to the Adam's Apple .

Perret Mestia fingers into the groove between Adam Apple and muscle on the side of the neck .

For seconds attempt to grope pulse.

If the pulse is, continue artificial breathing, producing one who blowing the spirit of every four seconds .

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And if the infectionist

And if the infectionist And if the infectionist will not be able to choose for your child the right tactics vaccination may ask increase direction for consultation of the immunologist or allergist in Advisory the center, located at the base of the Republican scientific practical center Mother and childAND SOCHETANIE INTERCHANGEABILITY OF VACCINES Simultaneous vaccination Simultaneous introduction of several vaccines in most cases is without safe and effective.

Currently not aware of any contraindications for simultaneous introduction of several vaccines to newborns and children.

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To fill

To fill To wash out, fill in rice with hot water, to salt and cook to readiness.

Onions napiform to chop and brown on the warmed oil to softness.

Meat to pass via the meat grinder and to warm up on a frying pan with onions of minutes; to add to ready rice and to mix.

Buckwheat cereal with meat Boiled beef g, onion piece, butter St.

spoon, buckwheat glasses, salt to taste.

To fill in buckwheat with boiled water, to salt and cook to readiness on the weak fire.

Onions to chop and extinguish on oil of minutes.

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Talkative Take images boy and girl from Annex .

Give them names with the sounds of L and R Lara, Laura, Mila, Roma, Artem, Angela, Zahar, George, Alla.

Additional every phrase to a sentence and speak it.

Check the meanings of unknown words.

For example Lara started, when the sky was a flash of lightning and thundering about heard the thunder.

Lightning flashed.

Won the lottery.

Broke the mirror.

Loud usher.

Talkative controller.

Lara have marmalade.

Clumsy juggler.

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Compared This is attributed to applied by the fact that in comparison, there associative data communication between facts, phenomena, concepts.

Compared tion is not only a means of cognition, but also as media STV mental development.

Develops the ability to not only us travlemate the similarities and differences, but also to find out their reasons us.


Bondarenko noted that the willingness and ability to establish analogies can be considered as one of the characteristics skills actively and creatively apply their knowledge.

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