Listen For example Boris climbed narabine and tore the pants.

Irina sunbathed on the river Bank.

Securing the pronunciation of sound R proposals, compiled by subject pictures and words characteristics Tell all the items in the pictures.

Listen to every word sign and pick up to it one or more topics within the meaning of images.

Then make and progressive ri proposals, highlighting the R sound.

BITTER RUBBER BROWN WOODEN CARVED WOODEN RECTANGULAR Make sure that depending on the kind and number of the noun child IU adopted the end of the words of indication bitter nuts, dark walnut, bitter Rowan; brown gingerbread, brown nuts, brown coach.

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Mother will

Mother will Mother will help when developing the plan and will control its performance on remembrances, support What concrete skills will be received by the child who will train him how?

Skill to teach to break the longterm project into the stages attached to an opreda to lenny terms Who will train in skill?

Mother How?

To make the list of stages of implementation of the project To estimate complexity of each stage on a scale from to To reconsider steps, which complexity, according to Max, higher than , that upro to stit them To establish delivery terms for each stage To remind Max of end of each stage What encouragement will be applied as incentive to use from rabotka of skill?

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Differentiation Lena skirt.

Lyuba berries.

Loren iodine.

Leva's Mike.

From Luda yacht.

Yana limo above.

Yana lemon.

Yana lion.

Yana lake.

Yana buttercups.

Differentiation of sounds of L TH in one word suggestions Clearly speak proposals.

Watch the pronunciation of sounds EH and Th.

Yuliya and Ilya walking in the meadow.

Ilya line, Yulia glue.

Ilya and Julia walk on the alley.

Julia pours water from a watering can.

Ilya poured glue into the jar.

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You killed

You killed You are, indeed, very beautiful!

exclaimed icicle.

However happening to me something strange, I feel so hot and it seems I am losing shape.

Yes, said ray, you are done.

You killed me!

cried the little piece of ice.

No, said Ray, I make you drop.

I get water?

But now we can be together!

And to play together.

When the sun starts stronger, you will become vapour.

Oh, Oh Oh, he cried icicle.

Then rain down upon the earth, said Ray, then again will rise together with other droplets in the sky.

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Bathed Zhenya, Zhenya

Bathed Zhenya, Zhenya Hedgehog under the tree house, toad in the pond.

Spruce on the hedgehog similar, hedgehog in the needles, tree too.

Buzzing at a fly, doughlas to spider.

Creepy beetle to live on a bitch.

Scared of a bear hedgehog with a woman and hedge kid.

Bear plush could not eat and no candy, no chocolate nothing he does not need.

A day in a corner of the sitting, he has a stomach ache.

Bathed Zhenya, Zhenya was sorry, became legibly little Zhenya.

Bee hummed, exposed sting, saw the bumblebee and curled her tail.

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