Sometimes Get stayed matryoshka!

Game develops fine motor skills, coordination, navaelnya abilities.

From half to two years Dragonfly Raise your baby and keep at arm's length.

Let it will pull the handle in hand, and the legs are held together.

On run him around the room let dragonfly to fly.

How chatters dragonfly Tr R R, Tr R R.

Kid like, and he will repeat this sound.

Sometimes put it on the floor and say, Dragonfly Le Tala flew and tired, sat down to rest.

Game develops the vestibular system and raises the mood.

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After some

After some She went to work.

In the garden grew carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes.

Took was, Egor Vedas ro, Yes I saw the fence friends.

Forgot him about my mother's request!

Run out the gates and did not close.

In the garden climbed neighbor's chickens, a pig Borika, bearded goat and homeless dog Buran.

After some time they vitop Tali garden.

The plants were eaten, the harvest is spoiled.

Oh, and scold Egor mother, when I get back from work.

WEED CHICKENS It turns out that a simple chicken Ryaba there are many different families OECS.

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Calcium Potassium regulates a metabolism, brings liquid out of an organism.

In the big quantity is in dried fruits, apricots, peaches, cherries, walnut nuts, potatoes.

Calcium and phosphorus are a part of a bone tissue, teeth, blood.

Calcium regulates process of a fibrillation, nervous activity.

Contains in dairy products, potatoes, egg yolks.

Badly it is acquired at the excess contents in food of phosphorus.

Phosphorus participates in a metabolism.

Contains in meat, sourmilk products and bean.

Magnesium participates in a metabolism, regulates nervous activity, reduces arterial pressure, possesses laxative and zhelchegonny action.

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A surface

A surface In minutes prior to giving in weight to enter whipped whites, to put weight on a portion frying pan, oiled.

A surface to level, strew with grated cheese, to sprinkle oil and to bake in a zharochny case.

The chicken fried by pieces with rice and tomatoes Chicken g, a flour and fat chicken on g, butter g, pepper the sweet siliculose g, green peas g, tomato g, rice the pripushchenny g, parsley greens to taste.

To roast the prepared chicken in a stewpan with fat to readiness.

Then chicken to take out, merge fat from a stewpan, to put friable rice porridge, the scalded small cut sweet siliculose pepper, green peas.

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If a little, the signature

If a little, the signature On each turn place according to one picture, if to the child one three years, or on twofour if it is more senior.

If you place one picture, substitute the signature on the second svo bodny page.

If a little, the signature under each picture.

Do not do to the signature too small height not less than cm and too big it is not higher than , cm, differently they will be difficult to be read.

Looking through albums, distinctly read the word written under porridges that picture can on warehouses, showing them, at times all word.

Pos le of reading of the word do not hurry to turn the page, tell the kid something about the image, literally in twothree offers, that not on to skuchit to the child waiting when the following page opens.

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