Fish cutlets

Fish cutlets Fillet to wash up, cut slices of the average size, to salt and lay out on frying pan.

Onions to clear, cut half rings and to obdat boiled water.

To lay it from above fishes to fill in with the sour cream mixed with warm water and to extinguish under a cover to readiness.

To fill with butter.

Fish cutlets with potatoes Fillet fish g, potatoes piece, crackers ground tablespoon, oil the creamy h.

a spoon, egg piece, milk glasses, a flour tablespoon, salt to taste.

Potatoes to clear, boil to readiness and to pass via the meat grinder together with fish fillet.

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Even more

Even more Even if full freedom of individual actions would be imaginable at the higher schools steps a question, whether it is desirable?

In life, under the influence of social requirements, to us after all it is necessary to refuse many tasks.

Even more this question with the very young becomes complicated children.

What sort we would like to set work to the child?

If at our schools children see off only in the afternoon, whether the child will manage to make all work without group training in the put hours?

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A Thickness

A Thickness This set becomes from firm firtree, is polished and becomes covered by a varnish.


Big whetstones of gradually changing sizes.

This set includes four systems, and it would be desirable to get in each kindergarten on two copies of each series.

a Thickness subjects thick and thin.

We have ten tetrahedral prisms, from which the biggest has ten centimeters in the basis, and the basis of others decreases gradually on one centimeter.

These prisms have the identical length cm and are painted in the darkly brown color.

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In ready

In ready spoons, salt to taste.

Pumpkin to wash, clear of a peel and seeds, to cut in cubes, to fill in with boiled water, to add sugar syrup and to extinguish in the closed ware hours.

After that to pour semolina, millet, rice, to pour hot milk and to continue to extinguish minutes.

In ready pumpkin to pour in salt solution, to add butter and to warm up before boiling.

Pumpkin casserole Pumpkin g, semolina tablespoons, butter h.

spoon, milk glasses, sour cream tablespoon, egg pieces, sugar syrup h.

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A few days

A few days It formed precipitation , that is, PU syrki, or, as they are called vesicles.

A few days after the appearance of the bubble key crack, on the rise of small Kie sores, which are then covered Korach coy.

Bubbles do not comb , as may occur secondary infection, and togda PART I.

CHILDHOOD DISEASES the contents of vesicles becomes known .

You Spania varicella are not one temporarily, and at intervals of to days.

day the temperature usually drops.

If the organism is weakened , such vesicles there can be formed on internal organs liver, kidney, lung, pancreas.

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